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With over 30 years in Facilities Maintenance & Management, construction and renovation industries, Unity Services Corporation offers our clients insight, understanding and knowledge to assist them in making educated choices about their Strata’s maintenance needs.

The focus of Unity Services Corporation is to maintain and enhance the value of our client’s properties including Residential, Commercial, Institutional and Light Industrial. This includes not only their real estate values but, more importantly, their value as a safe, secure and healthy places to live and work.

Unity Services Corporation is not a Strata or Property Management company but, with over 30 years of experience in the professional fields of Facilities Maintenance & Management, Roofing & Waterproofing, Construction and Renovation, we have gained broad, hands-on experience with the real world of facilities maintenance requirements, and realities of operating many different building types, and their systems. We can provide you with practical information and insight gained by our own direct experience with Facilities Operations & Maintenance on which you can base decisions for the ongoing care and maintenance of your property.

We offer our clients the following services


We can also provide

  • Property & Systems Maintenance Reviews
  • Roof Inspections (accredited RRO)
  • Property Management Consulting
  • Owners’ Representative Services

As consultants, we offer our clients a strategic perspective to support you in the development of your Long Term Maintenance Plans (resulting from your Depreciation Report), and assist with the development and execution of projects that are identified through those Plans.

Our focus is on multi-residential, Strata Title, and Investment properties, and we provide similar services to owners and managers of Commercial, Institutional and Light Industrial properties.

For more information, you can browse our About Us page, where you’ll find a full menu on the left, or contact us at john@unityservices.ca

“Making Strata Maintenance Manageable”