Project Development & Management

When Strata Corporations face large and complex projects, typically driven by a Professional Consultant’s report (e.g. Building Envelope Condition Assessments [BECA], Depreciation Reports, Balcony Assessments, and others), Strata Councils and Owners often struggle to understand where to start, and how to proceed.

Unity Services Corporation offers support to guide our Strata clients (and other building owners) through a project’s Design Development Process (DDP), to help the Council & Owners understand the scope of work, decide what they want the result to look like, and choose how to fund the work.

Project mngt

Acting as the Owners Representative, we also help to manage the Tendering, Contract Award and Construction of major Projects. These services include, but are not limited to:-

Project Design Development Process

  • Review information from Professional Consultants
    • Analyse BECA, Depreciation, and other Consultant Reports
    • Review other Strata documentation
    • Provide 3rd Party “interpretation” of Consultant reports to Council
  • Compilation of Strata requirements
    • Advise Council of Engineer Consultant requirements, responsibilities and limitations
    • Develop Request for Proposals (RFP) for Design Consultant(s) for Council  review and approval
  • Engage qualified Engineering Consultants
    • Issue RFP & review responses
    • Assist Council to assess RFP responses
    • Liaise with proponents to clarify Council questions & concerns
  • Engage Environmental Consultant (if required)
    • Oversee testing for hazardous materials and site conditions
    • Review test reports and advise Council on necessary procedures
  • Consult with local Authorities for Municipal, BC Building Code and Permit requirements as they pertain to the Project
    • Confirm requirements for Development, Building and other Permits
    • Support the Development Permit process (if required)
  • Manage the Consultant(s) on behalf of Council to:-
    • Assist the Engineer to develop preliminary Design Drawings, Specifications and Opinions of Probable Cost (OPC’s)
    • Assist Council to review and clarify Engineer’s OPC’s
    • Arrange for architectural renderings of Design Options (if required)
  • Develop Project’s Scope-of-Work, including work outside the Engineer’s purview (e.g. other contractors, contingencies, consulting fees, permit costs, etc.)
    • Work with Council to develop a project budget and funding options (CRF/Special Levy) for presentation to the Owners.
    • Develop General Terms & Conditions of Contract (as required).
  • Support Council to present Design & Budget Options to the Owners at an A/SGM
    • Includes facilitating Town Hall Meetings for open discussion/review by Owners
    • Responding to questions from individual owners

Once the Design Development Process has been completed, and Project funding approved by the Owners, the Strata must choose a Contractor

Project Management (Owners Representative) Services

  • Manage the Tender Process
    • Develop and issue Tender Packages (incl. Drawings & Specifications, and General Terms & Conditions of Contract) to invited (qualified) bidders
    • Apply for Building Permits & others, as required
    • Manage Mandatory Site Tours with Bidders and Engineering Consultant
    • Review & evaluate contractor bids
    • Advise Council on bids and choice of Contractor
    • Advise all bidders of Council’s decision
    • Administer Contract ratification
  • Coordination of Owner activities defined in the Owner-Contractor agreement (Contract)
    • Act as the Owners Representative to coordinate daily construction activities
    • Arrange for Unit access (Notice of Entry advisories), if/when required
    • Liaise with Engineering Consultant regarding Contractor activities and Site Inspections
    • Ongoing (daily) liaison with Council/Project Committee, or designated contact
    • Respond to questions and concerns from Unit owners on behalf of Council
    • Issue weekly Progress Bulletins to the Owners
  • Contract Management
    • Provide oversight of the Contractor to ensure conditions of the Contract are met, and/or negotiate appropriate changes.
    • Ensure timely and effective Site Reviews by the Engineering Consultant
    • Liaise with Municipal Authorities, as required
    • Generate Contemplated Change Notices (CCN’s), and Change Orders (CO’s) for review and approval by Council
    • Issue approved CCN’s & CO’s to Contractor
    • Review Contractor Progress Draws (invoices), and Consultant invoices
    • Make recommendations to Council for payment
    • Provide ongoing project oversight and support to the Owners, Contractor(s) and Consultant(s) to maintain effective progress, clear communication, and good relations between all parties.
  • Project Close Out
    • Develop and oversee completion of a Deficiencies List with the Contractor and Consultant
    • Issue Notice of Substantial Completion
    • Review final invoices and confirm Holdback amount
    • Ensure satisfactory completion of all deficiencies
    • Review Contractor’s Statutory Declarations
    • Review Maintenance Manuals (if required)
    • Request Engineer’s Letter(s) of Assurance and close-out Schedules
    • Ensure Building Permit close out
    • Complete Final Inspection with Engineer prior to payout of Contractor Holdback


Unity Services Corporation brings a unique understanding and perspective to bear when assisting (particularly) Strata clients facing large, complex projects, because we understand the requirements (and restrictions) of:-

  • the Professional Consultants who (almost always) must be involved,
  • the influence and application of Building (and other) Codes,
  • the involvement and requirements of Municipal Authorities,
  • accepted (and expected) building/construction industry standards
  • the expectations (and needs) of the Contractors who must execute the work,
  • …and the required process that a Strata Corporation, and its Owners Group, must go through to discuss, approve and fund the work.

For further information, please feel free to contact:-

John B. Grubb SMA, RPA, RRO
Principal, Unity Services Corporation
Phone: 250-893-3445