Commercial Services

Property Condition Assessments

With an extensive background in Facilities Maintenance and Management, Unity Services offers to review and report on the condition of commercial and light industrial properties, using either the Owner’s designated format, or our own. These reviews are conducted from a Property Manager’s perspective, and report on the condition of building components and systems that are observable by experienced generalists.

We do not provide opinions requiring a professional designation i.e. Engineering. If conditions are observed during our inspection process that, in our opinion, require further review and/or testing by any such professionals, they are reported to the Owner.

We do not provide financial advice, from an investment perspective, on a property’s value. We will provide our opinion regarding a property’s general condition, and Order-of-Magnitude estimates for building component and system repair, replacement and upgrade, based on our current research, industry knowledge and Facilities Management experience. We also provide services to assist the Owner in developing long term maintenance priorities, plans and budgets.

Project Management

Commercial Property owners and managers engage us to assist in the development and execution, of medium to large scale building maintenance, repair and upgrade projects, and tenant fit-up and renovation programs.

We can provide for, and facilitate, professional Space Planning and Design, and HVAC/Mechanical Design services to the owners and/or tenants. We can also provide consulting services for Security & Access Systems, Data Wiring, Move Management and a wide variety other services associated with Office and Commercial Fit-up

We do not provide General Contractor or Prime Consultant services. We act as the Owner’s Agent to provide for, and facilitate the execution of, any given project. This can include project scope and specification development, tender process management, construction scheduling and coordination, communication with tenant groups and contractor(s), and oversight of the project as the Owner’s Project Manager/Agent. All purchasing and contracting authority remains with the Owner.