Maintenance Seminars

It is our experience that perhaps, the single major hurdle a Strata Owners Group must overcome is the individual owners’ lack of understanding on their Corporation’s responsibilities for the maintenance and operations of their property.

Based on the popularity of several Strata Maintenance Seminars we have facilitated for the Vancouver Island Strata Owners Association, we have developed a program of private seminars for individual Owners Groups, to help clarify some of the duties and responsibilities they must bear.

Unlike the public versions, where we must try to address maintenance and operations issues and questions for all of the various strata types, our private seminars are tailored to the specific type and needs of the individual Strata Plan. This allows us to discuss and respond to questions on the current issues facing the Owners.

We try to address some of the myths and misconceptions that surround various construction materials, building systems and maintenance methods, to give the Owners a better understanding of their ongoing and long term maintenance requirements. We also try to highlight some of the statutory requirements placed on the Corporation for the maintenance, testing and inspection of various regulated systems.

We encourage all owners to attend this general information presentation and Q&A session, and try to make scheduling arrangements to allow maximum attendance (i.e. Sunday afternoons) while minimizing time restrictions, to permit full discussion of critical subject matter.